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So i'm finally starting the 30 day yoga challenge,but i'm a beginner,I'm not sure how many times a day i'm supposed to do the sequences and mostly... how to breath:I find myself holding my breath very often. Some tips,suggestions?
Veronica Suarez
great! your gorgeous!!
I'm pretty small on top my hips and thighs I have struggled. Since, I did gymnastics in my earlier years the poses were easy for me. I could do them all and I felt my hips. Thanks.
Love it!!! Very useful!! Thanks!! :)
You are very welcome! I am so glad this is improving your golf game:)
wow, very flexible, pretty sure I can't do that right now
ooo great practice and my o my you have beautiful eyes!
Sandra Guzo
would you be thinking of making a dvd, your a great teacher.i know i would buy it.
This lady would be epic in bed

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