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Source: YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5nyrD4eM64
Channel: Howto & Style
Author: YouTube Help

Length: 03:56
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Video Comments

Danny's Workout
Nice yoga workout, we should look to create some shorter ones on our channel too, let us know what you think?
Janet Williams
*Nice Video.....ThIs groundbreakIng book, Reverse Fat Loss For Women Today, Is the fIrst scIentIfIcaIIy proven system for reversIng Type 2 Fat Loss For Women and pre Fat Loss For Women, whIIe showIng peopIe wIth Type 1 how to dramatIcaIIy reduce or even eIImInate theIr InsuIIn dose. >*
Airam Avilsa
I love it. I really see a difference on my body. It's been 1 month I have been doing it and eating right...Seriously guys, I see a difference. This power yoga is hard! But it's worth it.Don't think this is yoga. This is different. It's Pilates, I don't know why they call it yoga 
seriously... is this yoga or aerobics?
Christine ExhaleRelax
Jillian Michaels is a very talented personal trainer. Although this is not a traditional form of yoga, her knowledge on alignment is excellent.
Aloha my Friend, Great video! I really appreciate to see your videos and am happy to see them helping people live a happier healthier life. Thank you and keep up the great work!I have many yoga, meditation and health videos on my channel if you want to check them out. Feel free to subscribe and leave a comment to let me know any video requests you can think of and I will try to make videos to respond to your request. Keep up the greatness!I look forward to hearing from you. Blessings and Namaste, Dashama
Gia Williams
Perfect! This kicked my ass, just what I needed (:
Heam Sayegh
I love it. I really see a difference on my body
excellent !
Rishipal Singh
Great workout guys, This is stunning workout for stretching and strengthening.

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