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Source: YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnmEvA2FM74

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Video Comments

Kristian Kisto
That guy must have really enjoyed tickling her sweaty stinky feet......
Eric Brown
Well she's gotta understand that women who show off their sexy feet, are really gonna get tickled soooner or later, what does she expect, the guy to just sit there and smell the aroma.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Miriam Pielhau!
She is SO CUTE! I love the way she tries to resist the tickle...but she just CAN'T! Then she tries to slap away his hand...SWEET! Thanks for posting this! A classic!
@JohnLeeMD shut up dickhead
Damn she's hot
Very nice Video. I love Tickling
thanks ,i like it,always liked the barefoot yoga tickling
but she can speak english though. what is her name?

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