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Source: YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK5hFMZlS4Q

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Avarna Harijan Krishna Das
+Sánscrito enMéxico http://www.acharya.org/sloka/ramanuja/SrirangaGadyam-skt.pdf
Ranganathan Venkatachariar
venkatesh gunda
Mk Venkatraman
Very nice to hear but can' t download. Let me know how to download.
Beautiful. thanks.
Chakrapani Ranganathan
very nice .Everybody should hear this in MS voice
Kanakaraj Kumar
Thanks for uploading.. :)... Loved it
happy to see this video
badri narayanan
If what Hulk said in his comment is not good what you mention here is not good either. In his divine creation everybody is equal. How could u simply say functioning priests in of major temples are Godless? I tell you, if they were Godless they would never work there for it is that thankless a job. I don't find anything wrong in what Hulk said that way, he just says her pronunciation is good as anyone who renders Veda as it is.

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