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Video: Sun Salutations with a Broken Foot

Sun Salutations with a Broken Foot

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About 4 weeks ago, Jordan fell off of Clayton's hands and broke the fifth metatarsal in her left foot. The fracture is called a "Jones fracture" which is notoriously difficult to heal.About 3 weeks ago she had a screw surgically inserted in the bone to speed the healing process. Because the screw is holding the bone in place, she doesn't need to wear a cast all the time, but she is instructed for 6 weeks after the surgery not to put any weight or pressure on the foot.This is how she does her sun salutations without putting any weight or pressure of any kind on her left foot.

Source: YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KguJMupwEgA
Channel: Sports
Author: Circus Building

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Video Comments

Circus Building
Clayton is the guy in the background. I was standing on his hands trying an acrobatic-inspired pose when I lost my balance and fell, landing on the outside of my foot and causing the break.
this is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much for posting. I broke my 5th metatarsal camping, just around the time I started to have a regular daily yoga practice. I soo need this!
she is doing good for having a broken foot does make it look graceful
btw .. i dropped a 110 lb block of ceramic tiles on my foot while working for a contractor .. it didnt fall flat on my foot .. it hit edge first .. i knew i fucked my foot up good .. but i didnt realize how bad it was until that night .. i got up to pee .. and tried getting out of bed and collaped on the ground .. i had to hop the the bathroom ..and my foot was hurting so bad i was shaking all over .. when i turned on the light my foot was all bruised and swollen ..
Circus Building
Sorry to hear about your fracture! When I had mine, I went to a sports doctor. He recommended surgery because he said for an active person, there would be a good chance of re-breaking in the future without it. Also with the surgery I would be able to swim and move my foot during the recovery, even when I couldn't bear weight. I was non-weightbearing for 6 weeks, then in a boot for another 2. When on crutches I swam regularly and stretched the foot. Good luck with your recovery!
thanks so much for video I fractured 2nd metarsal lisfranc left foot answers my goal toward healing
It would have been nice to know about this when I broke my foot a few years ago! I was really depressed by the forced inactivity. Anyway, hope you are all healed.
I feel so lucky to have found this video as I have broken my lisfranc bone and it is week one after the operation... It is tough not being able to do yoga.....or so i thought.......yipee. gotta go ................
Jordan Pierce
I have a Salter-Harris fracture type IV with a splint. it suck man, I feel bad 4 u with the screw ugghhh good luck though. PEACE

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