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Thanks, hope this was helpful.
anybody interested in finding which Raga activates their kundalini check out this cd, very powerful information for everyone. The Raga Guide: A survey of 74 Hindustani Ragas. The book that comes with it, is the most key part, trust me.
@hydrogenroar I respectfully disagree. Enlightenment is a long road, but you draw a false distinction between experiencing samadhi and 'ending false belief'. Peace.
Thanks for this gret info on TMs effect on chakras..As a s long term TM meditator i have been feeling a pressure and buzzing kind of feeling on my brow chakra during TM and this only started recently and i like the feel of it...
Roger Hornaday
@zodiacbluesbaby I have made no distinction between samadhi and self-ignorance except to say samadhi and self-ignorance are not mutually exclusive. I speak from the authority of the Vedanta, not from my own ideas on the subject.
The movement of prana (the serpent fire or germ of life) UP the 'Sushumna' is what allows the consciousness (tied up with the prana in the lower chakras) to transcend to PURE consciousness. In short; No Mantra, No thought and NO bliss? equals no real transcending! as Consciousness there is aware of itself, AS bliss, or Sat-Chit-Ananda (ie. Conscious Bliss or Consciousness that IS bliss!). Most TM Meditators have a 'vague' awareness of bliss which is a significant step on the path to PC.
Lawson English
oh good, start doing TM for the sake of this nice feeling. There's a TM-like stance to take.
In TM, "attending to kundalini" as you put it happens as a bi-product of the mind and body settling down, but make no mistake, the consciousness is tied up with the kundalini (or prana) and until it is loosened and the serpent fire is awakened there will be no Nirvikalpa Samadhi, (Cosmic Consciousness or what MMY calls Unity Consciousness).
since i was a kid, i've been listening to bhajans, and my kundalini goes wild when I listen to them still. i even create my own music, which makes you shiver from the bottom of your spine up to your head. In fact, certain raga's such as Pilu can do this too. just a personal hint to everyone...top secret hehe
Roger Hornaday
Enlightenment is not a result of experiencing samadhi, or pure consciousness as the Maharishi mistakenly believed. Enlightenment is the ending of the false belief of who/what you are. That false belief is ignorance and it can co-exist perfectly with samadhi experiences which explains why you can practice TM forever and not come to the end of your practice.

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